by Lesli Turner

It’s not about church, it’s about God. It’s not about religion(s), it’s about God.

Are we doing what God wants from us as a society and as individuals, or not? Everyone’s
spiritual relationship with God and Christ is their own private matter, but now is the time
to be reflecting.

The end is sooner than most of us ever thought. It is starting – a "beginning of the end,"
if you will. Start praying and fasting. God is going to close the door to some (Matt.
25:10). Don’t be one of those people. The door is going to be closed on people who call
themselves Christians, too, not just those who are "of the world." (Matt. 25:10, see whole
chapter as well). Make sure you are getting "right with God" and that you don’t end up on
the wrong side of the door [to the marriage supper]. (Rev. 19:9)

God has been working with me intensely in the last several months, but He’s also working
with others as well. I know this, not because those others sound good when they tell
their spiritual stories or because they look like nice people, but because the little voice
inside me said that the Spirit resides within them. That little voice is my own wonderful
bit of Spirit in me that God, so graciously, gave to me. And more and more, it has been
pointing out to me others who have the Spirit. It has been showing me others who have
"an ear" and are listening (Mark 4:23). It has been shown to me even in people I only
met a couple of times before, briefly, and immediately I was able to sense a difference in
them from the previous times I spoke to them.

God is going to pour out His spirit in the end times……believe me, it is happening. (Acts
2:17-18) And isn’t it also possible that it has been happening for years or decades? Just
maybe no one believed. But regardless, right now, His fields are ripe for harvest and He
wants those who will hear Him and follow Him to reap the harvest. (John 4:35-38) He
needs His people! Just like the minutemen in Boston, who rode through the town, to warn
of the British coming, God is sending some of His people out now to tell the others to
wake up. Whatever it is you were waiting for that you thought God wanted you to do –
well, now He wants you to do it. No matter what your gift may be, we all have a basic job
to do, if we call ourselves Christians. We are to be preaching the good news, the gospel.
Share it with others and let your light shine. (Matt. 5:16) If you have other gifts or jobs
beyond that, that God wants you to do or share, then the Spirit will let you know in time.

If you’re anything like me you’ve always had a voice, a presence in your life. But the
world gets in the way and clouds that voice sometimes (or maybe a lot of the time). If
you keep reaching for that voice, that presence, eventually it becomes clear. Let that
voice of God that has always been there for you, come in and speak to you now, loud and
clear. Call to Him and He’ll answer. (Psalms 116:1-2, Psalms 145:18)
Search your souls and your hearts. Admit your shortcomings and sins and then repent. If
you can’t do these things, pray for God to guide you in doing this.

Talk to God – every day, all day. Pray to Him at every single decision, no matter how
small. How many decisions do you make each day (aside from minor things like waking
up and turning the light on)? Even after these minor things – that is still a large number
of decisions every day. Always be asking for His guidance in these things.
We live in a world of deception. Satan has worked long and hard, for thousands of years,
to make it the world it is today. Part of the deception is that we feel we need to do
everything ourselves. How many of you only go to God with the large decisions? Or only
when you have problems? It saddens God to see that people have been so massively
misled. Part of having a relationship with God is always talking to Him and praying to
Him. Come out of the world. And let go of the need to do everything yourself – it is a
habit that we were never supposed to have had.

It is amazing to me how much I have been entrenched in the world and I didn’t even
know it. Now I know the meaning of "the whole world is deceived." (Rev. 12:9) It never
meant much to me before and now it means so much to me, in such a great way, that it’s
incredible. For someone who grew up in the Christian faith, I always took my belief in
Christ and the God family for granted and thought I didn’t need much work – I’m a
Christian, after all. I’m so glad I’m not as bad off as someone who grew up in a bad
house with no mention of God or that I’m not a drug abuser.

Guess what – I was still just as engrossed in the world as any of the types of people I just
mentioned – just in a different way. My "being a Christian" attitude subjected me to a
different kind of worldliness – a world of vanity, perhaps. I was lulled into a false sense of
security because of my upbringing. I was just as deceived as everyone else, but, sadly, I
didn’t even know this. It sounds cliché but there it is.

I thought because I prayed once or twice a day and had conversations with God several
times a day (no, not out loud) that this was enough. I usually did not consult Him on
most things – mainly only when I had a really bad problem. But now I know that was not
anywhere near enough and I was trying to carry all of my own burdens – I thought this
was my job. I thought, God only wants the big stuff. Why did I think this? I thought this
because this is Satan’s world and has been – for 6000 years. Let’s not let it be His world
anymore – we, as Christians, have the power to call on God and take Satan out of this
world – even if it only means taking Satan out of our individual vessels – that is still better
than nothing. That is one less place in the world where Satan and his demons can reside.
Let’s try to take Satan out of this world in as many places as we can, starting with our
own individual selves. Let’s prepare the way for Christ’s return, for the beginning of the
end. Let’s hasten the return of this world the way it should have been and remained,
before Adam and Eve took the fruit.

Make sure you know exactly where you stand in this life and in this world. Ask God to
work with you and show you His will for you and always work with Him in faith and
humility. Fast and pray and don’t be left out of the marriage supper.

And please do not think of the end time as some mysterious story that you might have
heard or skimmed over in the book of Revelation. It is very real and it is coming. And
believe it or not, it will probably be a lot more subtle than you or I realize. I’ve already
seen the signs for a few years now, but they are becoming much more prominent now.

Also be aware that this is not a time to fear or dread; get your life in order and have faith
in God. It will be a good thing because it means, FINALLY, the end of this horrible world
of war, death, murder (and the list goes on). This bad place will be coming to a close and
a new chapter of peace and love will open. I cannot wait for that to happen.

You may be reading this message with complete skepticism or think that I’m a full-blown
nut-job or "religious freak." Trust in this – I do not attend church services anywhere and I
do not attend religious conferences. I do not overtly trust in organized religion, mainly
because of its susceptibility to corruption by humans (their vanity and their many other
shortcomings). A priest/reverend hierarchy over the "little people" is not what God had
intended. This is what the "Nicolaitans" were, as referred to in Rev. 2:6. Nico means "ruler-over", and laitans means "the laity". God did not want priests and ministers ruling over the laity. It’s not what Christ or His apostles did. They did not set up churches and ask for money to do some great work, and then pay themselves off of the money collected. They went about the area preaching the gospel, led by the Spirit. That is it. There was no man-run church involved, no organized religion.

So if you find yourself scoffing or laughing at this message because you might be thinking
I’m wacko, then recall, if you can, the many stories in the Bible (Old Testament and New)
where those who laughed were, in many cases, brought to a swift, and usually an
untimely, demise (the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc). Please keep that in mind before
making any value judgments. Have an open mind, not a closed mind. Have ears to hear
(Mark 4:23), before you make a judgment.

And if you are saying, "consider the source,"…then yes, consider the imperfect source.
I’m as imperfect as anyone else out there but the idea is to repent (Matt. 3:2), move on
and try to make ourselves better, and to focus on God and the Word. We have to do this
with God’s help, because we can’t do it on our own. I think I tried that a few times – and
failed miserably.

Thanks for reading. Please carry on in faith and prayer and may God bless you all.

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