Recently, my dear friend of 20 years who lives in Florida suffered a recurrence of cancer.  Last month, when I told my husband about her condition, he turned to me and said that we should send my friend and Lord’s servant, Eric Wheeler, to heal her.  (This was amazing in itself because my husband is not a believer, although the Lord is working through him in many ways.) I prayed and the Holy Spirit definitively told me “NO”, not Eric — I was to go!  I immediately responded with my earthly concerns about not having money for a plane flight (I live outside Denver) nor a rental car, and the Lord reminded me that my parents would sponsor my trip to Florida, since they stay there for the winter.  We would drive together to see my friend J.G., and I would have precious time to visit with my parents,too.

So, I planned my trip.  At bible study the night before I was to fly out, the Lord had us study the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4).  I was the Samaritan woman being sent back to tell those in the village about Jesus.  And many believed (John 4:39)!  So, it was revealed that I would minister to 4 people on my assignment by the Lord.  I knew about my friend with cancer, and I had also been told to visit my other friend, S.L.,to offer encouragement.  That was two.  I guessed my Mom was three – but who was the 4th?

I got to my friend J.G.s home and we spent several hours reading the bible together and praying. When I told her that the Lord had sent me to heal her, she said with a huge smile, “COOL!”  I simply prayed for his healing hand to be upon her.  She is a close friend of amazing faith.

Of course, I shared with my Mom why I had been sent to Florida.  She believed!  She and I shared wonderful conversations about the work that the Lord is doing in my life and in others.  It helped that she was reading Eric’s book, In His Service.  She was open to expanding her faith and belief outside the walls of our vanilla church upbringing.

My time with my other friend , S.L., was too short – only a couple hours.  I told her that God had sent me to tell her that He loves her and I asked her to come for a visit.  I was bursting with the Holy Spirit – to tell her the Good News and share scripture with her!  We just didn’t have the time.

Before flying back to Denver, I had dinner with my Mother-in-law.  She, too, had read In His Service but she was struggling with the concept that the Lord uses messengers among us to deliver his word.  We had a rather heated discussion about the bible and our beliefs.  At first, I was uncomfortable with the raised voices and depth of our disagreement (I had never had such a strong disagreement with her before – we get along very well).  Then, as we explored further, we realized that this sharing had brought us closer than ever before.  She told me that she was trying to keep an open mind and she loves the Lord!  That makes 4.
What a trip! It was such a privilege to be trusted by the Lord to carry out His work.  I pray regularly for another assignment, in His time.

P.S. – As of last week, my friend with cancer received news that the largest tumor is shrinking and the other tumors have stablized.  My friend completely believes she is healed and told her doctor so.  None of this is suprising – but so many were touched by this trip and by God’s greatness.

Vicki Manning
Conifer, Colorado

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