By Dave Palcsak

The great deception is well in hand now. Christians need to determine their personal level of commitment and act accordingly. Every mature believer must have the ability, from one degree or another, to discern scriptures. We should edify one and another as best as we can but there is no substitute for reading the Word. Too many preachers or supposed experts are nothing more than “blind guides of the blind.” By diligently searching scriptures to determine truth, we can avoid being led astray. “Seek and ye shall find” “Knock on the door and He will answer.” This must be done actively not passively. Only by personal study of the Word will we know who can more ably help guide us through our inevitable questions. God is no respecter of persons. “Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches.” (Galatians:6-6). None of us should ever think we are done learning. We must also be unafraid to expose what is wrong because a huge and growing problem in the church today is neglect to critically examine our own house. Traditions of man such as hierarchy’s, intercessors, grace by ritual and prosperity preaching, to name a few, have watered down or ignored the true message of the Gospel. We have churches turning to mosques every Friday to allow worship of a false god in the Lords temple. Others brainstorm on recruiting to get more tithe payers. There are charismatic churches blindly practicing eastern mysticism thereby bringing demonic spirits into the House of God. To the outsider these things will quite naturally seem well and good. Truth is what works for you. Everyone gets to make rules to suit themselves. If the believers are OK with God-light, how could it possibly be a bad thing?

“So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.” (Revelation:3-16). It’s abundantly clear Christ does not want half-hearted followers. The Gospel of the cross isn’t going to help pay for Benny Hinn’s private jets. Joel Osteen won’t get richer by telling you to gain your life you must lose it. Creflo Dollar (aptly named by the way) won’t buy more custom made Italian suits if he preaches that the world hated Christ. Follow Him and you must expect the same. The Gospel is truly great news. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Paul told us, through Christ, he was content no matter what, even in chains. John was the only disciple to escape violent death. There is no greater honor on this earth than to suffer for His sake. If you’re not ready to bear your cross you might as well get out altogether. Does this mean God doesn’t bless His followers? Not at all. But the greatest blessing is knowing that whatever you are called to endure, He will equip you for. That’s the good news. Send a hundred to seedy side ministry and we’ll get you a new Cadillac isn’t in my Bible. You are better off being an atheist or agnostic than preaching falsely in His name. Sadly the climate seems to be at an all time high for the money grubbers.

We are the most blessed material generation ever. Most folks who have lived throughout history didn’t have electricity, indoor plumbing, easy access to food and water, climate control and a basically cushy existence. In fact, more people than not in this day and age don’t have these things close to the extent we in the west do. I believe the main reason the U.S. enjoys the quality of life we have is because our nation grew to greatness as an unapologetic people under God. Should we presume His blessings will continue for us? Let’s see… If you are in the field of academia, proclaiming your faith and belief in the truth of creation told to us by Moses through God in Genesis you put your career in jeopardy. I have heard  folks say they must keep their faith under wraps at work or risk promotions and ridicule. Many who claim to be Christians will discount parts of the Bible because it seems too harsh. God doesn’t really have anything against homosexuality. Fornication outside marriage can be OK in a committed relationship. It’s acceptable to lie a bit sometimes because, hey, it’s just business. That’s lukewarm. It’s time you get all in or all out. If you don’t believe the word of God you will not be as accountable as those who claim to believe but mock Him by blatant disobedience. It is a disservice to those who may have ears to hear when believers rubber stamp sin they are uncomfortable calling sin. Are we to think the Lord of Lords and King of Kings will just shrug off His people overruling His word? Preposterous.

Today’s secular society wants Christians to be quiet and ashamed. All too often we are obliging them. How are we suppose to convert even one soul when we are afraid to proudly and boldly (always with love and humility also) proclaim the truth of our faith. Will you subject yourself to scorn? Might it cost you a promotion or even a job? Are you going to alienate friends or even family? Most likely, yes to at least one of those. So ask yourself this. If you believe in the Bible, what should you fear more? Offending man or offending God?

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