Note from the Moderator: This is an article from a young man, David Shobe, who is a recent convert and newly baptized believer. He called me one night two months ago and said that he needed to get baptized right away! When I asked him why, he replied that God had been calling him for years, and he had always resisted, but now he had no choice but to surrender to Him. Again, I asked him “Why?”. He said, “Because I cannot deny my wife’s miraculous change and healing! It’s astounding!” “What do you mean?”, I asked. He explained that his wife, Jill, had had many severe mental and emotional problems since childhood. She had been under psychiatric care and prescribed medication for many years, and was a diagnosed “severe manic-depressive”. She had repeatedly tried to kill herself, been addicted to drugs, was abused as a child, and as a result, has suffered from severe depression and abnormal mood swings most of her life. About a month ago however, God, in His infinite mercy and forgiveness, acted through another recently converted woman (Jill’s sister-in-law, Renee) and cast out the demons that were afflicting her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Whereupon, Jill then immediately got baptized and received the gift of the Holy Spirit and has been completely changed! David went on to explain that he just can’t believe the difference in his wife! “She is calm and happy, totally at peace, and full of love and joy all of the time”, he said. “Words can’t describe how much my wife has virtually changed overnight! And the changes are real! Thanks be to God, for giving me my wife back! Therefore, I now believe! And I must be baptized right now.”, he shouted at me over the phone. Needless to say, I invited him over to my house and baptized him “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Matt. 28:19) that very night. Since then, he and Jill have grown tremendously in God with the power of the Holy Spirit working in their lives, and he recently sent me this article that he wrote for a college assignment where the class was asked to write on the meaning of “Absolute Truth”.

[If you would like to contact either David Shobe or his wife, Jill, directly please feel free to email them at David Shobe or Jill Shobe Both the article and the moderator’s comments above are published with David and Jill’s permission].

By David Shobe

Is there such a thing as absolute truth? I believe that in fact there is, and that there has
to be. I am not ready to say that I know what that truth is, but I am quite certain of it’s
source. Who, or what might this source be? How can I know that the source is real?
Where is the evidence for this source?

Could this source be mother nature, as some Native Americans and certain societal
radicals have held? No, it cannot be nature, for nature is not a source in the sense I am
writing about. Nature is merely a bit of creation, or a happy accident, depending upon
your point of view. Nature can feed the mind and body, but it cannot feed the soul.
Could mankind be the source? No, of course, this is a ridiculous question. If man was the
source, would the question ever need to be raised? We would already have all the
answers. There would be no war, no hunger, no greed, nor any other of the plethora of
evils in this world.

The source is God. Jesus Christ Himself. I know that many will laugh or scoff when they
read this, as would have I before He called me. Ignorance of the Truth breeds fear, and
fear needs a defense. Often laughter and ridicule are our greatest weapons. But there is
no need for a defense.

I have seen many miracles performed by God through believers and non-believers alike. I
have spoken to, and with God. I have heard the Devil, and he has heard me. I have seen
and heard things that if I approached a psychologist with, I would probably be locked
away in an institution.

Am I crazy? Some may believe I am, and I suppose that’s okay. I want to say that I
don’t care, but I do care. I want people to see and hear the Truth. I want them to hear
the Good News that Christ Jesus brought. I want everybody to learn how to truly be free,
not because some government or person says so, but because God says so.
This may sound contradictive in light of what I just said, but I seek possession. Not in the
vein the world knows. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to have the “Emily Rose
Experience.” Rather, I want to be filled with the spirit of the Almighty Himself!
I sense ridicule rising in the hearts and minds of my audience again. In our culture we
are bombarded with images of “independence” as the ideal. I submit that through my
faith in Christ Jesus, I am truly independent. I am independent of this world. My spirit
has already transcended this plane. I am a Resident Alien to this world through my faith
in His Truth.

My faith has been tested and fortified through trials and tribulations. The road leading to
faith is not an easy one. As I have stated previously, I have seen and heard some crazy
stuff. I have seen demons. Not physically, but when I closed my eyes one night, I could
see them. They were teeming around my bed. God was calling out to my wife. He
wanted her, wanted to save her, and the demons knew it. Oh my goodness, were they

I’m sure you’ve all seen Hollywood’s portrayal of demons, and let me tell you, they’re
pretty close to spot on… Anyway, I’m seeing all of these demons writhing, screaming,
and piling on top of one another trying to get at my wife. When this kind of stuff is going
on in real life, not in some movie, it’s crazy scary. I don’t think I have ever been more
afraid in my life. But these demons are trying to attack my wife, the woman I would die

Suddenly, a thought pops into my head: ‘Get the Bible, now!’ So I jumped out of bed and
got it. I went to church practically my entire childhood, but I knew next to nothing of His
Word. It didn’t matter. Call it circumstance, or blind luck, call it whatever you want, but I
knew where to turn to in the Bible. Those demons were really ticked now! As soon as I
rebuked the demons, invoking the name and power of Jesus Christ, the demons were
gone, disappeared!

I don’t think that at that time I considered myself a believer, I definitely didn’t consider
myself a Christian, not in the true sense of the word anyway. I knew of God, and I had
seen miracles, but someone was running interference. Do I need to tell you who that
was? The Enemy continues to run interference to this day, and will until the end of the
world. But it’s not all bad.

God uses the Enemy to reveal truths to believers and non-believers constantly. As Bono
(one of the greatest Christian philosophers of our time) of U2 said in the song God Part II,
“I don’t believe the Devil, I don’t believe his book, but the truth is not the same, without
the lies he made up.”

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