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The servants of the Lord involved with this ministry would like to sincerely
thank you for your kind and gracious donations, prayers and
support.  Everything that is given to Sharing the Way goes directly towards
preaching the gospel and freely serving the Lord’s people everywhere.  Be
assured that your holy offerings are solely used in the full service of the
Lord and His people and for nothing else.  Your generous donations are
faithfully used to preach the gospel in His name; to help minister and
provide for the financial needs of others; to pay for the printing
and distribution of free booklets and spiritual information; and to assist
in the provision and daily sustenance of the Lord’s faithful servants.  We
are truly grateful for your kindness, generosity, love, and support.  Thank
you. May the Lord our God continue to lead, guide, and bless us all.


Thank you very much. 


 The volunteer staff of Sharing the Way


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