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Have you found yourself, as a chosen servant of God, struggling
with other people’s jealousy so much that you feel stunted in your
ability to do all that God has called you to do? This seems to be
so debilitating. We struggle to stay away from pride. What do we
do when we do things God calls us to do and are accused of
"being too good for others"? Even after hearing the accuser and
searching our hearts, we know that God has called us to do
certain and BOLD things — which are not done in pride at all. But,
how this does hinder us!

When we do our best for the Lord, and we are successful –
because of the Lord – others get offended. Many try to do the
same things out of jealousy and in the flesh and fail – leaving them
feeling discouraged and like God is not going to use them. Instead
of looking to God for their OWN gifts and talents as given by God,
they want to do what others have been given the grace by God to
do. This is prevalent in church communities today and hinders the
growth of the community. It causes division and makes the person
who is being led by the Holy Spirit feel unwelcome or ashamed of
using the gifts and talents that God has given them. What is the
solution? Anyone else suffering through this?

Seriously, I’m not sure how I can become involved in a church
environment because every time I try, and God starts using me,
people get offended – no matter how "background" I try to be or
how much I express that all I do is from God, people get their
shorts in a bunch.

So, what is a servant of God to do? There are many examples of
those who are chosen by God in the Word. Many of them led
lonely lives. This is okay with me. Jesus is the best friend I could
ever ask for… People will always disappoint us and when we hang
our expectations on them, we do get hurt. But, if we set ourselves
too far away from other people, we lose our compassion and can
also appear to be snooty and like we are trying to set ourselves
"above" others, even as that is not our intention.

Then, there is the issue of sabotage. Have you ever had other
people who call themselves "Christians" try to sabotage what the
Lord is doing through you and/or your reputation? People have
many insecurities and when we exhibit our confidence in Christ,
it offends people. You can tell them till you are blue in the face
that they have the same confidence, but their insecurities rule
and they use whatever means possible to undermine the good
God is trying to do through you. Anyone else experience this?
The only loving thing that I have found to do is to leave their
presence and continue in prayer for them.

Thoughts and help needed!!! Because God wants to use me, I’m
feeling like I don’t belong anywhere. How’s that for a dilemma?
Wondering if others are experiencing the same things….

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