Bob from Denver, CO writes:
To the Moderator,
As your recent article states we are babies in the nursery if we refuse to grow up. We must learn and grow in the Lord if we ever expect the Lord to be able to send us out to do the harvest. As indeed Jesus Himself said the fields are white and ready for harvest.
I was one of those babies in the nursery and I indeed got hungry for more. A brother at the “nursery” told me of one source of “food”. I quickly learned from the Spirit of more sources of meat. I can tell you if you do hunger and thirst for the Lord, He will feed you. I believe it is widely felt in the body of Christ that time is growing short. We must depend on our source who is Jesus. We cannot put anything or anybody ahead of Him. I can tell you from experience He will not tolerate it. He will provide the work we are to do also.
Recently a friend’s mother was in critical condition in the hospital. I questioned the Lord about what I should do? I did fall on my face and knees and prayed for her healing. I knew it needed more. I decided to lay out a fleece as Gideon did in Judges 6:36-40 and requested a friend to call me that evening and we would go and lay hands on her. No one called. Again the next day I prayed for two friends to call me knowing they would not. I knew then that it was me and me alone who was given this task. I spent much time that day praying for healing for the woman. That evening I called my friend and he told me she was doing very well and would be discharged from the hospital the next day. I still offered to go and lay hands on her. My friend said I had done much already and it was not necessary. I believe this was the Lord’s way of telling me to follow Him and do what I knew was right. I was not to seek the counsel of men. A week later I saw this same woman doing very well at a party. I was recently exposed to a video of healings. Most of the time the man on the video did not even touch the person. As he spoke the power went to the person and they got up or were healed of any infirmity they had.
We as Members of the body of Christ must believe!! Words have power. Power for good or power for evil. The scriptures tell us of the power of the tongue. We must be aware as the scripture states we will be accountable for every idle word.
Thank you for your article and encouragement to us all. Hopefully what I have recounted will speak to those who will read it.   

Bob Bosh

Dean from Lakewood, CO writes:
Hey brother – reading this, I was at the 2nd to the last paragraph where it was written:  “He turned His back on them because they refused to grow-up!  Consequently, they all died.”   Immediately the hair stood on the back of my neck, a cold chill ran down my spine….
And then I read your next sentence:  “I remember the cold chill that ran down my spine when I saw God callously walk away from these indolent adult-babies in my dream.”
Wow.  As it gets darker around us, and the sufferings more intense, and the walk harder, one thing that keeps me going is the passage in Isaiah 60 that you have read several times recently:  “Arise, Shine!  For the glory of the Lord is upon you…!”   We mistake that to be “material” glory, when in fact it is the wonder, wisdom and unsearchable ways that God refines us through the sufferings and trials that bring us maturity and Godly perfection.   Oh my brother, may God keep us strong through that, help our unbelief, and give us the faith and hope to see it through!!!  I know nothing, but I believe that there is so much TO know of the mysteries of God.   

Dean Sargent

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