By Andrew Strom.

I want to spend most of this article talking about the massive SPIRITUAL shaking and sea-change that is underway. -And the OPPORTUNITIES for the true remnant of God in this. But first let us talk briefly about the “economic” shaking that is underpinning a lot of what is happening.

There are many signs appearing that another great “slowdown” in the world economy is underway. As you know, we have predicted “another wave down” and a “double dip depression”. Last week new US unemployment claims jumped back up to 500,000. The  figures for July ‘existing’ home sales look to show the worst slump  that has ever been seen. (California and Texas report a -23%  collapse in the space of just one month). The human cost of all  this unemployment and economic mayhem is truly awful to contemplate.

But in the CHURCH I believe a great “shaking” is underway that will ultimately bring about a great ‘purging’ and cleansing. You may have noticed that a number of big-money ministries are suddenly  in trouble. I am hearing reports of others that I regard as “spreading deception” falling into serious financial difficulty as well. I believe God is going to use this economic crisis to “clean out” His church. There is going to be a massive change at the top. The ‘Saulish’ leadership is going to be dethroned and the “Davids” will come forth.

We published a vision some time ago of the giant “trees” crashing  to the ground and the little sprouts suddenly springing forth. The church has been dominated for too long by voices that have abused and stolen and spread deception amongst the sheep. God is coming to clean house, and it will not be “gentle”. The whip is in His hand and He is about to drive the money-changers out. His house is to be a “house of prayer” once more.

Two of my books from the past were spent prophesying of this very time that we are now entering. The first was in 1996 – “The Coming Great Reformation – New Insights into the Coming Worldwide Shaking, Reformation and Street Revival.” The most recent was in 2008 – “Survive the Depression – The Shaking Has Begun.” (Links for both of these at the end of this article).

A lot of people say to me, “Give up hope of the church being cleansed or the false leaders being dethroned. We are in the time of great Apostasy,” they say, “So just give up on any of that.”

And I say, “NO! I will not give up on the evil being dethroned from God’s church, and the Body being cleansed, and the true gospel being restored. Yes – we are in a time of great Apostasy (no-one knows this more than I). But that does not mean that God has  lost His desire for a church that is “without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.” I still believe we have time for one last great “cleansing” and one last great Harvest. But it will come during a time of great “storms” and hardship.”


There are several ways that those who believe they have been  called into God’s ‘remnant’ for this hour can “position” themselves  to be part of what God is doing. Of course, PRAYER is the most vital thing, but also-
(1) Get out of DEBT. Do not “hang on”, deep in debt for year after year, hoping things will improve. They will NOT improve for YEARS. Use whatever means possible, cut your losses and GET OUT. The debt alone can prevent you from being where God wants you to be in this crucial moment.

(2) Don’t get into a “bunker” mentality. Don’t be tempted to hide yourself away with food and ammo in some basement somewhere. For true Christians this crisis is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to show forth Christ to a dying world. Get INVOLVED – helping the poor, preaching the true gospel. This is not a time for “hiding away”.

(3) Stop thinking of this crisis as a “doom and gloom” scenario and start thinking of it as a time where God is setting things to rights – purging the church and the nation of years of excesses and poison. For the Christian who truly loves God and His kingdom, this is literally the OPPORTUNITY of a LIFETIME to be involved in this whole process. Only DEBTS or FEAR or an unwilling heart can rob you of your place in this.

There is no time I would rather be in than right now. There is no environment I would rather be in. This moment and this crisis are exactly what God has been preparing us for. We are not to just “survive” – we are to ‘THRIVE’ in this time. Many of the big ministries are not designed to make it through such a crisis. When
finances drop they will fall apart. But many of us have been specifically designed for this. Don’t waste it. A total “changing of the guard” is underway. A revolution in leadership. Be about the Lord’s work. Remember the long-forgotten promises and dreams the Lord gave you years ago and prepare to enter into all that He has promised. AMEN!!

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E-BOOK (online) – “The Coming Great Reformation” –

BOOK – “Survive the Depression – the Shaking has Begun”-

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom

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