April 24 is a well-known date to Jerry Kroninger. It is, sadly, the anniversary date of his father’s death. It is also the date of joy to him. It marks the wedding anniversary date with his lovely wife, Cathy. It also is the date remembering the birth of his sons, born three years apart on this same date. Now it has yet another, possibly the most important remembrance: it is the date of his new Life in Jesus Christ – his baptism.

Jerry was raised the son of a pastor, brother to a pastor, father to a pastor, and yet his eyes and ears were not opened to understand the Truth of the Word until about a year ago.

A Spirit of unrest dwelled within him, so he prayed. He asked God to show him the path that he should walk. As always, our faithful God led him to His Truth in the Scriptures. A Bible study group was made available to Jerry where he learned a new Way to see the Word of God.

With all his years of training and study, he did not fully understand God’s plan for him until his eyes and ears were opened. Now he embraces a new life with Christ and is excited to begin anew.

Jerry Kroninger is only 76 years old! See the pictures below of the baptism.

By Sue Bosh

Do you believe in Jesus Christ?
Being buried!
Rising from the dead!

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