By Chad (-JTB Comments).

In May of 2007 I was at a prayer meeting with a group of men. My eyes had
been opened to the financial situation the U.S. was in at that time. I had
recently read an article comparing our then current situation with that of
the 1920’s just prior to the Great Depression.
I had also been reading about the disappearance of the honey bees. These
things were of serious concern to me, but probably not on the mind of anyone
else in the group. I decided to mention the honey bee situation as a prayer
concern. There was a young man there, a soldier, who was stationed near our
city here in Alaska. I did not know him very well and did not know what was
about to transpire or what he was going to say after our prayers were
finished. It must have been more than a year later that I set up a time to
meet with him and discuss what had happened that night. He gave me a copy of
what he had written in his journal as follows:

“Yesterday I was at a prayer meeting with some of my friends. I was really
looking forward to the four day weekend. I had no previous knowledge about
the concern God was going to put on my heart.

It came up from one of the guys to pray for the bee situation in America.
Apparently beekeepers around America are losing lots of their bees and no
one seems to know why.

When we started talking about this and some of the reasons why people think
this might be happening the Holy Spirit came upon me strongly. In my mind, I
saw the Alaskan wilderness with mountains and plains and trees. Close to me
was a camping lantern hanging in the air around chest height. The lantern
was on, but you couldn’t tell very easily during the daylight. Then a great
darkness came over the land and the lantern shone brightly.

God then impressed strongly on me that the lantern represents Christians.
The daylight represents good times. Right now there is an abundance of
blessings that we are enjoying, but they are soon to end. God is bringing a
great darkness, which represents a time of meagerness, desperation and
famine. The next thought in my mind was that this time we are in now is akin
to the roaring twenties when there was great abundance. The time to come is
not unlike the great depression that hit afterwards.

The Spirit impressed on me that Christians now do not seem to be shining
brightly because of the current daylight, (the great abundance). They do not
appear to be different from anyone else, but when this time of darkness
comes, then Christians will stand out in great contrast to the rest of
society, and many will look to us and many will be added to our number. When
this time of darkness comes, many people will be become desperate and for
some reason God impressed on me that many will go into the wilderness, away
from civilization.

Then God impressed on my heart that the bees’ disappearance was a sign that
American industry would be derailed. This was the sign of the coming famine
to hit this land. I thought of how Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams of
the seven years of plenty and the seven years of famine. I didn’t get an
idea of how long it would last though.

In addition to this, God impressed on me strongly that His people are “in a
malaise,” and they must be warned of the reality of what’s about to happen.
Many Christians have been deceived by comfort and their blessings and are
not walking with God; they are not in tune with His Spirit and what He is
about to do. When the darkness comes, they will fall into distress like the
rest of society.
A friend I had recently made came to mind, and I was filled with the urge to
tell him to get ready spiritually for what is to come.

As the other guys were praying for the needs that arose during our time
together, I was greatly distressed by this vision. I wasn’t able to keep
track with their prayers. It seemed that God is about to do something
tremendous, but we are more concerned with our little tea parties and nice
prayers. I think God wants us to have some perspective about what He is
about to do instead of just being preoccupied with our own situations.

I was wondering when all this was going to happen and the impression I got
was very soon, like this next winter. This was very disturbing to me, and I
have been trying to inquire of God and confirm when, but the only response I
get is soon.

The thought of what was going to happen disturbed me and I was afraid. I
told God, “I’m afraid,” and He impressed on me again that I don’t need to be
afraid because I have the Spirit of God. It will glow in the darkness and I
will be able to see. He will provide for me like He always has.

After the guys had stopped praying, I told them about what I had seen and
what God impressed on me. At one point, I broke down and started sobbing, I
just couldn’t control it.”

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