By Megan Gleason

I recently got baptized and have been wondering how God speaks to me and
that maybe I’m not hearing Him. I knew He spoke to each believer in a
language only they could understand, but what was mine?

To my surprise the Lord spoke loud and clear to me last week.

I have been struggling with an online (web) class that I am taking this summer in
order to complete my prerequisites for nursing school. After enrolling in
the class I read the teacher’s syllabus and was instructed that each student
is not allowed to use any resources including notes to take the exams. Just
before my first exam I saw a paragraph that made it clear to me that only
the third exam was closed book. I got very excited and became less stressed
about this class because now it was acceptable to use my notes and book if I
came across a difficult question during exams.

We had a trip planned to Grand Junction for Memorial Day weekend and we were
leaving on Friday morning. My first test was to be taken anytime between Tuesday
morning and Sunday night. I knew we would be gone from Friday until Monday
so I had to complete the test by Thursday night. As I got on my computer at 8
pm Thursday night with my notes and book to my right, I logged into my
course test section and to my surprise a paragraph popped up stating that by
submitting this exam every student agrees that they have not used any other
source besides their own mind to complete this exam. Let me add that this
exam is 135 questions and 120 minutes are given to complete the exam, and
also it is worth 24% of my grade!

I immediately panicked as if I was going into this exam blind because I did
not study for it as I would have a normal test. I did not know notes were
going to be forbidden for all exams. I debated whether or not I should drop
the course but I HAVE to pass this class to get into nursing school. I had
many emotions going through my mind that brought me to tears, knowing I only
had a short amount of time to complete this test before my trip. After much
debate and prayer to the Lord for His guidance I clicked start. I had a
peace that came over me and I started the exam. I knew in my spirit if I
trusted in the Lord I could get through this test.

With my notes, book, and internet near me, tempting me, I did the questions
I could with the knowledge I had. After going through all the questions, I
had about 70 questions blank out of the 135. I scrolled up to question
number 1, got on my knees, lifted my arms, and cried out to God, knowing
that only He could give me the knowledge, I could not do this on my own. As
I got off my knees and back into my chair in front of my computer, the
answers I had skipped the first round through suddenly came to me. In fact,
I changed the answers to some questions I already answered that I thought
were correct. I did not hear His voice nor did my mouse start moving on its
own clicking answers, but the Lord gave me the knowledge I needed to
complete this exam. After completing the exam my score instantly appeared. I
had not studied for this 135 point test and I only missed 27 giving me a
grade of a 84%. I knew this was the Lord.

I understand that this was a big test for me, I could have opened my book
and received all the answers I needed, my teacher would have never known,
but the “most important person” (God) would see me and know that I was
cheating. I trusted in the Lord to guide me and that He did. I trusted in
Him and in return was blessed.

Now I understand how God speaks to me.

Megan Gleason

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