Moderator: This was written by a recently baptized person who is seeking God with all his might.


Father, I have heard the theme of what You want me to speak about tonight.  Thank You.  As usual, I have been asked to sit at my journal and write that which You offer.  I am humbled that You want to use me again – and with a word for this special gathering – those You have chosen to come to You.

Father, eliminate my flesh in this.  Only You, please.  Remove me from this equation and allow the Spirit to use this pen.  I renounce any attempts of Satan to thwart this effort in the name of Jesus.


I have given you so much – yet you disappoint Me with your effort.  You must push even harder.  The harder you push to know Me, the more I will give you.  Your new found intimacy with Me is a fragile gift.  Everything I give you must allow the Spirit to develop.  Your flesh will get in the way of that process.  Remember, I am light and I am in you.  I am in all of you.  You must do all you can to remove your flesh so that My light can shine ever brighter.  Also, remember that I have said that if you do not allow this light to shine – if you allow yourself to remain in the way – even in the smallest of things – I will remove it.  I will not remove My fundamental love for you – but I will remove the light and allow it to shine through those willing to remove the foggy, opaque lenses of the flesh so that I can shine! (Mark 4:21-25)

That which is to shine is the light of the world (Jesus).  In My Son is the light of men; in Me, man finds LIFE.  In this LIFE is the LIGHT – how can it not shine brilliantly? (John 1:4)

Remember, I showed My love for you so that you can live! (1 John 4:9)

The light is love and life!  Love must shine from amongst My people.  All else, if done without love, is an abrasive sound (1 Corinthians 13).

Now, take this word and apply it to ME!  This is what I so want My children to understand.  I can, and will, and have done all things.  I AM all things!  How can I be inclined to do anything which is ugly or abrasive, or caustic!?  People need to really understand the depth of My love for them.  I AM LOVE.  In Me everything is redeemed – yes, even that which Satan has perverted – for it is the world that has polluted, and I have overcome the world!

I am motivated by love in all things because I AM LOVE.  I AM IN YOU!  Allow My love to flow through you!  Allow your light to shine brightly!

Pick up the Holy Bible.

Hold it, flip through the pages.  Is not this sensation so soothing?  How much more the knowledge of Me – an understanding of Me.  Amazing, isn’t it, how a basic, physical, tactile feeling of a book in the hand can soothe.  How much more ME IN YOU!

There has been much discussion about My anger toward My people.  There has been much focus on the judgment to come.  Yes, these are worthwhile conversations.  I want you to re-set the focus with this message for the group.

Yes, I am angry.

Yes, I will allow judgment.

The motivation for this, the very thing which keeps even these harsh emotions and actions from being abrasive to those who have ears to hear, is that all of this is out of love!

Just as I have loved you from the depths of My being, so you must love each other (1 Peter 1:22; John 15:12; 1 John 4:11).

I AM angry, yes.  Why?  Because those who I love most – who I created to enjoy My most wonderful handiwork, have for no reason slapped Me in response to My gesture of love.  Read Genesis 1 up to when I created Adam.  This was a special project for Me.  Your earth represents the magnificent expression of all of My creativity – dwell in the complexity, the beauty, the interdependence.  Dwell on the nuances of the biosphere.  Be in awe of the galaxies.

It is truly amazing.  Note I did this with My Son and The Spirit.

Your very reason for existence is because of My great love for you.  The pinnacle of My creation is the manifestation of My love.  I created man to enjoy My creation and to rule My creation – to be an integral part of that which I have made because of My love.

Put it this way…Think of the most impressive thing you have ever done.  You certainly enjoyed the satisfaction of that accomplishment.  Is it not so much sweeter to share this accomplishment with the love of your life?  I CREATED you to be this love.  I created My love in you to enjoy all I am with Me.  You love because I first loved you! (1 John 4:19)

Now, in love is freedom.

Imagine if that person you loved so deeply decided to pick up a sledgehammer and smash to pieces that which you are so proud of.  Imagine if all that was beautiful about your accomplishment was given an “oh, that’s nice” and was dismissed.  How hurt would you be?  Dwell on that…….

Now, imagine that some person told you how much they loved you while they were intentionally doing things that were continually messing up not only the physical gifts but also the spiritual love connection that you held so dear.  Imagine you allowed this behavior to go on so long in your longsuffering love for them that their hurtful behavior had become habitual, routine.

So hurt turns to anger and anger to action.

But what is the action?  Are you going to beat the love of your life for the sake of punishment?  Are you going to destroy them for the sake of vengeance?

No.  The action will be to help them see how much they are hurting you.  In your deep love for them, you will do anything you can to strip away that which is causing the callous treatment!

You know this soul mate was created for intimacy with you.  You know that they need to be brought into right relationship so that they will be complete.  You know their behavior is not of them, that they are under the influence of an outside force.  You will act to remove these things which keep your beloved from intimacy with you.

So it is now.





It is all from a place of love.

As to the action….It is important to speak to this.  Imagine your wife has an affair.  Imagine your hurt.  Imagine your anger of that which caused the affair.  How you hurt to see your bride attached to an evil interference.  Now, imagine that you in your righteous anger “take out” that interference.  This action will hurt your bride and it will hurt you to see her so hurt over that which you have removed from her life.

She now has one of two options: 1) Be angry with you for removing that which she was wrongly attached to and reject you forever; or 2) She can repent and see you acted out of love for her – that you cared enough to remove that which she thought she loved, so that she could come back into right relationship with you.

So it will be with My action.  I am not acting against My people.  I am acting out of love for them.  My bride has tested the limits of My longsuffering patience.  Nonetheless, I love her.  Even more, her lover has pressed her for too long to follow him away from Me – her true love.

My action will be against him – against that deplorable snake.  I will find much satisfaction with crushing his head under foot.  I will begin by stripping him of his “angles” – the “hooks” he uses to get My bride attached.  This will infuriate him and he will try harder to hold onto My bride.  Slowly, his grip will loose as his attachments are stripped away, and My bride returns to Me.  Then I will find much satisfaction in finally delivering the death blow.

I recognize this will require difficult times for My bride – she has had such a long affair.  Know that this always has been – from creation to this final chapter – a LOVE STORY.

Be sure to let your light of love – My heart, shine in you – especially as the physical days grow darker.

See more and more with spiritual eyes and hear more and more with spiritual ears, and you will see and hear not that which the unbelievers see – the ‘pain and suffering’, but you will see the destruction of an affair, motivated by love.  You will see and hear beauty in this drawing back together of a bride and the bridegroom.

Weep – but for joy!  (Habakkuk 3:17-18)

I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace (John 14:27).  Do not be troubled nor afraid.  My Peace is with you.

OBEY My commands and your peace will flow freely (Isaiah 48:18).

My command is to love – to shine Me outward.  Remove the lenses of your fleshly attachments so that it will go better for you in the days to come and so that My love story can have your chapter become one of the favorites of My angels at story time J

Peace and Love My children.

(written by Patrick Johnson)

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