By Dave Palcsak

sak@gmail.comI was raised Catholic and my experience was instrumental in turning me into a very young agnostic. I remained agnostic from about age 12 to age 49. I had plenty of conversations with professing believers during that period but I never found one who had the ability to provide a convincing case for what they claimed to believe. Quite naturally, this solidified my “faith” in agnosticism. It wasn’t that I lacked exposure or contact with believers, quite the opposite. The contact I experienced led me to conclude that no tenable faith argument existed. Folks could neither prove or disprove the existence of a creator. Most folks don’t relish the ideal of ceasing to exist so I could understand belief. Who wouldn’t desire an eternity of joy? On the other hand, I could never understand atheism. Too many factors are involved both biologically and cosmologically (not to mention dozens of other considerations) to dismiss even the possibility of a higher power of some kind. I now understand why atheist cling to their faith……yes faith, which is exactly what they do. More on that in a bit. Suffice to say, even though I’m a Bible believing Christian now, I have no problem with agnosticism. Absent proof,  nothing else makes sense. That fact still doesn’t make the topic easily dismiss-able.

Curiosity is inevitable. It is interesting to see what soothes folks these days. The popular notion in our secular society, is what Oprah said today our society is, which is that folks can choose their own belief system. This is very enlightened and peachy for all…….on the surface. Sadly, it completely falls apart under even the slightest scrutiny. Individuals can not determine what truth is. We were created or we are the beneficiaries of a very lucky cosmic (and biological) dice roll. If we are a creation we have either one or multiple creators. It would not be possible to list every belief system in human history and fortunately, it’s also not at all necessary for this illustration. Using a few of the more popular modern belief systems, you can easily see how others could be plugged in.

Eat Pray Love was a popular book and movie by Elizabeth Gilbert. Her spiritual journey is happily fulfilled by her realization that she can pull from many systems to best give her the inner peace and joy she so richly (according to her) deserves. Hinduism, Buddhism and even a bit of Christianity among others are plucked from various shelves in her self made spiritual super store. Popular story. Well received and highly acclaimed. It’s also utter rubbish. If you are a Christian you eliminate the possibility of truth in any other belief system. Christians are reviled for this. But guess what? Every belief system eliminates all others. That is what makes a belief system a belief system! A naturalist doesn’t believe in any higher power. Hindu’s have many gods and believe you are born into a caste you can’t escape from. You must be reincarnated time and again to pay whatever debt you owe for whatever unknown transgressions you committed. Buddhist have no specific deity but believe man can achieve a god like state through meditation. Belief systems are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE!. If you believe the truth of any, by definition  you deny the truth of all others.

It seems logical, given the many mutually exclusive options, to doubt them all. It is demonstrable that picking your own system eliminates truth as even a possibility. That leaves agnosticism. Atheism is lumped in with other religions because it takes great faith to deny the possibility of creation. The evidence of design is overwhelming and becomes more, not less so, as scientific knowledge increases. Darwinism was a shaky theory from the beginning and it’s now been thoroughly debunked. The reason academia clings so tightly to it is motivated by money, reputations and blind pride. During the past century and a half profs have been taught by profs taught by profs etc etc. that have accepted Darwinism without question. This was much more forgivable years ago. When Darwin published, cells were thought to be blobs of protoplasm. Darwin assumed discovery would validate his theory but the exact opposite is true. Those who have faith in deities are often accused by atheist of having blind faith. They are often correct in that charge. But atheists are far worse than blind. They deny or refuse to address evidence that points clearly to design. They feel they have a right to “police” what us non club members are exposed to. How can all of us brilliant scientists be wrong? They pat each others backs and  attack faith at every opportunity. It has nothing to with science. They are dinosaur’s, trying desperately to, as Harvard prof. and noted atheist Richard Lewington said in part: ” never allow a divine foot in our door” (Suggested reading is Romans 1).

There are so many contradicting beliefs that most folks come to the understandable conclusion that it’s just not worth it to spend valuable time and energy in a possibly fruitless quest for truth. Folks who profess belief often do so because it’s what their parents did. Many want to enjoy religion in non scrutinized comfort. Different folks have different experiences and I can only speak of mine but I’ve noticed that the vast majority of people either don’t know what they believe or are afraid to have their beliefs challenged. This may be easy but can it be fulfilling?

One popular view is without God there is no need for inhibitions. If it feels good, do it. This is not limited to atheists. Those who build their own god are certainly going to have their imaginary friend approve of any behaviors the creator (that individual) engages in. Universalism is more popular than ever and still soaring. Christian churches often cater to these folks thereby valuing income (tithe payers) over the gospel. For example, there has been a growing trend for Christian churches (many denominations) to encourage costume wearing to a service on or around Halloween. This is Satan’s high holy day. Let me be clear on this. I don’t judge anyone for celebrating traditions. Christmas comes from pagan rituals, so does Easter. You can’t blame the student for not learning what isn’t being taught; and the church is failing to teach God’s word. The Bible can’t mean much to non believers when the church exerts more effort to downplay it than to preach it (suggested reading Matt. 15:2-6; Mark 7:1-23; Gal. 1:11-17; Col. 2:8).

And  Christians are called to spread the gospel. The most difficult aspect of this is in the walk not the talk. We are all sinners. To whom much is given much is required.Believers can actually receive the Holy Spirit. That gift comes with much responsibility. Christ came to save the world, not condemn it. How then can any man preach of condemnation? The message doesn’t change for believers and non believers but the consequences do. The greatest of God’s gifts to us, greater than prophecy, greater than healing……is love. Jesus was much kinder to the general public than He was to potential followers. If you are curious and seek truth you can find it in the word of God. Be aware however that it is not an easy message.

How can you know the Bible contains the answers? This too, is not easy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cringed hearing supposed believers apologizing for or explaining away the Bible. The Bible was written above human ability. The Dead Sea Scrolls prove 100% (it was at 99.99% prior) that The Old Testament was written hundreds of years before the New. Prophecy has been fulfilled with 100% accuracy. None have been falsified (many are yet to come). Study for yourself. I am not talking about vague symbolism like you see in Nostradamus for example. No other book  in history, religious or otherwise, tells the future. Most belief systems discourage or outright forbid self examination. The Bible encourages it. If you’re willing to look with an open mind, a creator can be proven through scientific method. If you study the word of God, you’ll find the Creator can be known.



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