My dear friends,

The Lord gave me the following message in September of this year (2012). I wrote it down and tucked it away, just as the Lord had instructed me, and then I forgot about it. As I was praying a couple of days ago, He suddenly reminded me that He had given it, and told me to NOW release it publicly to everyone. Please spread it far and wide with anyone and EVERYONE whom the Lord puts on your heart to share it with. We are living in VERY desperate and trying times, just as the Bible had forewarned these days would be – times in which men would be “lovers of themselves… and lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” (II Tim. 3:1-4). Jesus told us that “just as it was in the days of Noah” so it will also be during these days. He said that people would be busy buying and selling, marrying, eating and drinking, building and planting, and going about their general daily business; but that then suddenly the floods would come and quickly destroy them all – just like it happened before during the days of Noah (Luke 17:26-30). The Bible also forewarned that during these days many would scoff at this word just as they have always done from the beginning even during Noah’s and Lot’s time (II Peter 3:2-7; 2:5-9); but that this rejection and scoffing should not deter us from warning others and telling them the truth – especially if we truly love them. May the Lord God bless you in your efforts and in your sincere love for Him and for His people and the world (John 3:16).

In His name,

Eric C. Wheeler


Awhile back, I was praying and asking the Father what I should be saying and telling His people and He told me to tell them to “Get into the Ark – and to do it now!” A bit perplexed and confused at His statement, I further inquired, “What does that mean, Lord?” He forcefully said, “Tell them to get into Me – I AM the Ark! Tell them to get into My Word. For I will be the only thing that will deliver them from the times ahead and from the peril which is coming upon the whole earth. Tell them to get into Me – and to do it NOW!”

This morning as I was praying and communing with God, the desire and ardent request that God would consume me and fill me up kept flooding my mind and spirit. I begged God to inhabit me fully and to make me right with Him (that is, “in right standing with Him” – i.e. righteous). For I knew that I had no righteousness of myself, and I realized that I am nothing, and that I have nothing to offer or to give. I pleaded with God to take me over and to consume me – to fill me up and to inhabit me – so that I might be able to reveal and reflect Him and not me. A few minutes later, my young son Evan came in (he gets dropped-off by his mother each morning for me to take him to school) and we began our daily Bible reading together in the gospel of Luke. Together, we read the following verses: “No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a lamp stand, that those who come in may see the light. The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness. Therefore take heed that the light which is in you is not darkness. If then your whole body is full of light, having no dark part, the whole body will be full of light, as when the bright shining of a lamp gives you light.” (Luke 11:33-36).

As I tried to explain these verses to my young son (he is about to turn ten years old), I suddenly saw and understood something that I had never realized before! When Jesus mentioned “eye” in the above verses, He was referring to a person’s focus – that is, what a person focuses on. If a person focuses on what is good – namely God, for God alone is good (see Matt. 19:17) – then everything that follows that person or is in subjection to him (i.e. his body) will be full of light. In other words, if the head of a person is properly aligned with God and focused on Him (the Light), then their subjective members (their body) will also be full of that same Light (God).

Wow, the ramifications of this statement are huge! Not only is this amazing statement applicable for us as individuals, but imagine the incredible implications that it has for us in terms of our households, marriages, churches, communities, and countries! The Bible teaches the idea that when the head is sick the body soon follows (Isa. 1:5; 9:16). Consequently, it also conveys the teaching that when the heart or mind or head is healed, the body soon likewise follows as well. Imagine how different our individual families and marriages (and societies) would be if we had godly fathers, husbands, and leaders who were devoted to Christ and who were solely and completely focused on Him. After all, the Bible says that the head of every man is the Lord Christ Jesus (I Cor. 11:3). If every man would simply therefore keep their eyes focused forward on Christ Jesus – their Head – then they would be completely made well and healed. And likewise, if every man – being the God-ordained head of his wife and family (see I Cor. 11:3-10, Eph. 5:22-24; Esth. 1:19-22) – would be properly focused on the Lord and allow Jesus to flow through him, then in due time God would bring everybody (all the subordinates) into subjection to Himself. Isn’t that what the Kingdom of God is all about – bringing all things into subjection to Christ Jesus (Heb. 1:13; 2:5-8; 10:12-13; Acts 2:34-36; 3:19-21; Dan. 2:44; 7:13-14; Phil. 2:9-11)? And then thereby ultimately bringing all things into subjection to God the Father Himself (I Cor. 15:20-28).

Husbands and fathers, become the God-ordained men that you were created to be – vessels in and whom the Holy Spirit of God dwells in and freely flows through! For the time is short, and many have to be affected and touched and waken up. So many people are sleeping, and have not known the Lord or His power. Pick up your subordinates and love them – care for them! “Put away your childish desires and lusts, and your covetousness and greed, and your selfish interests and ambitions, and come to Me!” says the Lord. “Or else I will come upon you quickly and remove you and your households from the earth, as I did all those families during the days of Noah when they refused to hearken unto Me and to My voice. Get in the Ark now, as did Noah and his family, and you and your entire household will be saved [Acts 16:31]. Come to Me and live!” God says.



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