By: Paul Beasley

I received this message the morning of September 18, 2013

Go and tell My people (the church) that I am coming. Thus says the Lord God Almighty, “You are to make yourselves ready like Esther prepared herself for the king, but you are to do so in spirit. Make your paths straight, the time is nigh. Don’t lose the joy you have in Me which I’ve given you through your testimonies. Remember My promises, which will be given to those who are faithful until the end, like Joshua who was faithful, and inherited the promise land and so much more. Be truth, for I am truth, so you be truth until the end. For darkness is coming and it wants to devour the truth. (I saw a dark black cloud moving in and covering a silver box which represents truth). These things must be, but you continue to be about My business. For My ways are good, and I see your good works. Be faithful until the end My friend(s). Soon you will be with Me, but before you come to Me there will be all sorts of trials and tribulations like never before. But you are to continue walking straight as I have shown you so that you are not consumed by these fiery trials.”

I thought it very strange that Christ told me that we are to prepare ourselves like Esther, so I reread the Book of Esther and I have to say, I’ve never read it in the Spirit like this before. I know the words to be true, but before it seemed like a fairytale for young girls. You may remember, Esther was a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin who won a beauty pageant, of sorts, to win the hand of King Ahasuerus, the king of Persia. Before King Ahasuerus and Esther were united, the king’s pride and joy was Queen Vashti. However, one day she refused to come when the king summoned her in order to present her before the Persian army, nobleman and governors. In her pride she publically disobeyed and dishonored the king. She didn’t just dishonor King Ahasuerus, but all who were under his domain, which were 127 provinces including India and Ethiopia (Esther 1: 1-3). Also, because of Queen Vashti’s position, her example would lead others in the kingdom to rebel (Esther 1:18). As a result of her defiance, her crown was taken away and given to another, but not until King Ahasuerus ‘ anger subsided (Esther 2: 1). Furthermore, she was banished from seeing the king forever; this was done so that all of the wives in the kingdom would honor their husbands. King Ahasuerus had every right to destroy her, but he let her live because of his compassion for her despite her unruliness.

Do you see the spiritual parallels? We, the bride of Christ, should always be honoring our King. Those who call themselves Christians and are in positions of leadership (not just in the church) should especially heed this warning. Others are following your examples, good and bad. False pride can lead us to disobedience, the loss of our crown, but more importantly, separation from Christ, for an eternity. If you don’t think God can’t replace you with someone that is even better than you, think again. The scriptures say that Queen Vashti’s position was given to another that was better than she was.

“Not only against the king did Queen Vashti do wrong, but also against all the officials and all the people who are in all the provinces of King Ahasuerus. For the queen’s behavior will be made known to all women, causing them to look at their husbands with contempt, since they will say, ‘King Ahasuerus commanded Queen Vashti to be brought before him, and she did not come.’ This very day the noble women of Persia and Media who have heard of the queen’s behavior will say the same to all the king’s officials, and there will be contempt and wrath in plenty. If it please the king, let a royal order go out from him, and let it be written among the laws of the Persians and the Medes so that it may not be repealed, that Vashti is never again to come before King Ahasuerus. And let the king give her royal position to another who is better than she. So when the decree made by the king is proclaimed throughout all his kingdom, for it is vast, all women will give honor to their husbands, high and low alike,” (Esther 1:16-20).

The scriptures say that Esther’s original name was Hadassah. It means myrtle tree which was known for its fragrance, and is a symbol of victory. Esther’s Persian name means star ( Hadassah’s true identity was kept hidden until it was time to thwart Haman’s plot to destroy God’s people; young, old, women and children (Esther 3:13). Many of our true identities in Christ are hidden, not because we are ashamed of Him, but because of God’s perfect plan and timing. Unlike Queen Vashti, when Esther approached the king, she did so with complete humility. She recognized and submitted to his power and authority; as we should recognize and submit to our King’s power and authority. As a result of Esther’s submission to the king, she received his favor. She was rewarded, and she and her people were given protection and justice (Esther 8:5-8).

The Bible says Esther was “lovely to look at” and we know she was a virgin (Esther 2:2 & 7). As followers of Christ, we are called to be holy, which means to be pure and set apart (1 Peter 1:15-16). The Apostle Paul said, “… that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, so that He might present the church to Himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish,” (Ephesians 5:26-27). Before Esther could meet the king for the first time, she underwent a beautification process that took a year; six months were with oil and myrrh, and six months with spices and ointments (Esther 2:12). As it was in the days of Esther; today we use oils and ointments to soften the skin, so it is pleasing to the touch. Oil in the scriptures typically symbolizes the anointing of the Holy Spirit, or an anointing into royalty. Myrrh, as well as other ointments and spices were used in perfumes (pleasing aroma), for the burial process (rebirth), medicinal purposes (healing) and as a currency (valuable). We see myrrh was a gift from one of the wise men, shortly after Christ’s birth, and also used during His burial, after He was taken off of the cross (Matthew 2:11, John 1 9:39).

When Christ said to me, “Make yourselves ready like Esther made herself ready,” I believe He wants us to go through great effort and cost in spiritually purifying ourselves in every way. This should not be just outward appearances, but on multiple levels that are pleasing to all of  His senses. This is not going to be something that will be quick, cheap or easy. It’s going to take time and hard work, and we are going to have to give up many things that have significant value to us. We’re going to have to stop storing treasures on earth, and start storing our treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19-20). Also, like Esther’s preparation for King Ahasuerus, it is going to require the help of others, who know the King intimately and have foreknowledge of the preparation process (Esther 2:8-9, Ephesians 4:11-13). But when times get rough remember all that God has done for you, and remember the promises that are waiting on the other side of the trials.

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