The Lord told us to gather His people together and in November 2013 people came from near and far to gather in expectation of what God was going to do. God showed up in a mighty way and blessed everyone, young and old.
The following is a word from the Lord that was given to Norma as she was traveling to the gathering and a letter from her summing up an incredible weekend with the Lord and His people.


By: Norma Guevarra

The World is Going Crazy

The world is going crazy right now…as believers you can see it clearly. I have warned you throughout my word, of the things that are now happening.  Some of you are holding on to fear, especially when it comes to your finances.  I will take care of you, trust me in faith and talk to me about it.

Satan has got us all, used to SIN; there is no other word for it, and it’s all around. Don’t talk about it, pray about it. Speak my word over the sin that tries to invade your life, your family or your home.  Pray my word; it’s more important to know my word and my voice….then obey!  Don’t let sin become something you just get used to.  Trust me even if it is taking longer than you think it should, for I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and I will take care of you and yours.  People that you have been praying for, and it seems like, for a long time, will bow their knees. Don’t give up!!! They are watching you (the believers) and they are also walking in fear.  Allow me to strengthen you, and give you wisdom.  I want you to see things through my eyes.  Rejoice in what you have, for I’m your Heavenly Father and I am getting things in place. I am in charge. Rejoice!  I am coming soon.


Dear Denver friends,

Well here I am back home in California, bags unpacked and put away, walking with Casey my dog, and settling back into my routine. But something is different since I have been with all of you, my friends.  My spirit was touched!!! I want to tell the world…

When I was getting ready to go to the retreat, I had ideas of what it would be like. Well, let me tell you, it was way over what I had imagined. I was expecting a weekend of people teaching us about the Lord, fellowship with old and new friends, and working to stay warm. This was good! I was so excited and I knew it would be great. When I came home, this is what I have been telling all my friends, family or whoever will listen:

I felt so at home with people that I had never met and I came closer to friends that I had met only once. As Christians we talk about being a family, but the Holy Spirit is the one who puts the action into that word “family.’’  You become so close and you can see people through Gods eyes. You feel their hurts and their disappointments and their pain; you love them, because you WANT to!  It’s different because it’s God’s love in you, and it doesn’t matter if you just met or if you never knew each other.  Also for some, the love and excitement of the Lord spills over on you and, you can feel it. The teachings were powerful.  I also learned so much about the Lord, not just by the teachings but by interacting with different people and learning how God was working in their lives. We learned from each other. We shared things that we didn’t have answers for….everyone just enjoyed each other. There were little groups talking together, singing together, playing board games, praying and of course eating some really good food.  This is normal for us, but it seemed to me this weekend was above the norm. Someone at the retreat told me, it was Gods normal for us to love on each other, and to see others, and situations through His eyes. In other words, this is what God wants for His people. Some of us came with hurts so deep they didn’t want to talk about it or just couldn’t any more, it was just there, deep inside.  But the great thing that happened is that the Holy Spirit led everyone to love each other, even when we didn’t have an answer. Some came and didn’t even know why; they just knew that God wanted them there. Some came because they were curious, and others came because they knew, that God had a plan for all of His people.

God told the organizers of the retreat to “gather His people together.” I believe that He wanted to remind us to cast our burdens on Him and He will sustain us. Also to love each other and He wanted to love on us. He wants us to trust Him and to take the limits off of what He can do.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend on the mountain.

Love you all,

Norma from “California”



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