Many things that we are doing in the churches have been added by men, and aren’t even biblical.  Both ignorant, as well as unscrupulous men, down through the centuries, have substituted pagan holidays and practices, and many other non-biblical things into our worship. If it has pagan idolatrous roots and histories and/or unclean connotations, then we shouldn’t try to “rename it” and/or “repackage it” and present it to God!  For God is holy, and just, and true.  And He takes no pleasure in man’s foolishness, his misrepresentations, or his subtle lies. (Excerpt from article Easter and Passover)

Word from the Lord given 4-18-2014 (Friday before Easter)

Abomination…you create an abomination in My house that is called by My name.
Oh! How I would have gathered you to myself, but you would not.
Because of your vain traditions, you have made My word of no effect.
You accept the things of man as if they came from Me. Do you not know that I will not have another sitting on my throne?
You have been used as puppets and when you have been used up, you will know the folly that has lead you down the road to destruction. How far down this road will you go before you realize that I Am the way – not your church –  Me! I Am the way.
Seek Me while I can be found, for a day is coming when you will no longer find Me.



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