By: Carol Becker

Word from the Lord given 2-2-2014

My people, those who are called by My name, too you I write this letter.
I Am your God and there is no other.
Why do you seek me in places where I cannot be found?
Why do you seek Me when you yourselves, are lost in a world that doesn’t know Me?
I’m not far away from you; I’m not hiding from you.
Why do you think I’m difficult and complex?  I Am simple….I Am love.
Why do people leave Me?
Why do they turn from me in hatred?
I do not hate, I grieve, I grieve for my creation.
I grieve for those who loved Me, but don’t anymore. I grieve for those who refuse to believe, and I grieve for those who claim they know Me, but don’t.
How my heart breaks, with the deeds they do behind closed doors.

But you-you will be like a bright light in a dark place.
You will shine with My love.
You will demonstrate to all that I live and that they can obtain what you have.
I Am not a respecter of man; It’s free to anyone that calls on My name and will be saved.
Do not get discouraged waiting for these things to happen, but prepare yourselves and be about your Fathers business, for I Am coming soon.

Soon! Soon! I Am coming soon. Soon I will come to the ones who really know Me and love Me. A people prepared just for Me.
What a joyous day that will be, when I take My bride and call her by name – My name. All heaven will rejoice when she walks by.
What a glorious day.



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