Greetings, I shared this testimonial at bible study on Wednesday a week ago, but many of you have not heard this testimonial as yet. I felt led to share this with each of you. May it strengthen your faith as it did mine.
My direct boss above me at PLM company went on vacation a couple weeks ago. During this week he was gone I received a very heavy heart for him where I knew his life was in danger, I mean to the point of death, a very grave spirit that I had never experienced before. All I knew to do was pray for Mark and told the Lord that I did not want his job. I would be in line for it if he were gone. When he returned to work I walked up to him and his first words were, I see you influenced Joel, one of the other workers at PLM. He said for the first time, because Joel had just put a sign in his back window of his jeep that read “Jesus Saves”.
I said to Mark no, I do not believe I had anything to do with the new sign because Joel was a Christian before he came to work at PLM. Mark said oh, well, I have somthing else to share with you. My wife and I on our vacation were traveling over Rabbit Ears Pass on our way to Steamboat Srings, CO when our car hit a patch of ice and began to spin out of control. He said that they spun out of control for about 2000 feet and then went off the roadway on the down hill side where there was a nearly 2000 foot drop off. They first grabbed each others hand as the left the road, they had no time to talk to each other but did a moment look at each other. Mark said he thought it was all over. They first went down a steep 30 foot drop and then over another 10 foot drop, Mark thought that this 10 foot drop, was the final plug to the bottom. However, for about a 100 feet right where they were, was another small shelf that they managed to land on and stay on with the way the small trees turned their car just so. Their car was totaled. Neither of them were harmed at all, not even a small scratch. When I told him what I had experienced, he was speechless. The following day he walked up to me and layed his hand on my shoulder and said, how are you. He had never showed me that kind of affection ever before. I think he now knows that, “Jesus Saves.”
Thank you God, In His service,




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