Moderator: Many in the churches are not familiar with “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27). I know I wasn’t until about 7 years ago when the Lord spoke to me. Now many are beginning to hear from God. The following was given to a woman in one our bible study groups and she hears many such things from the Lord.

From Carol,
“My people think they know Me but they only know of Me. They know the Me that they have been taught by their religious leaders. I am the God of Jacob and Isaac, a God that has a voice but is not heard. A God that has a passion for His people, but is turned away because of the cares of this world. You say ” let’s go here and hear the words of the Lord”, but I am not there. You say, ” oh what a great God I am”, but you don’t know Me. How can you know Me when you haven’t taken the time to spend with Me. Your world is full of yourself and your ambitions.
Oh who will stand on the day of My return? Who will be there to welcome Me? Will it be the religious leaders? I say to you it will be the humble in heart that will inherit My kingdom. Those who have an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit says.”

Do you hear from the Lord? If you call yourself a Christian then you might ask yourself why not? Don’t all masters speak to their servants?

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