By Dave Palscak

I’ve been asked to explain terminology in more detail. That’s important because the word evolution evokes passionate responses and often folks don’t realize what a huge difference there is in types. Breeders have manipulated animals for centuries. This is an example of micro evolution. It is not exclusive to breeders, it can happen in the wild, but it always involves the same species. Cats can’t breed with dogs, horses can’t breed with goats. Only animals of the same species can produce offspring. It is also very critical to understand that mutations, even beneficial ones happen with a LOSS of DNA information. For example, Jack Russell terriers were bred to catch and kill mice. They had to be small. Breeders achieved this by subtracting DNA information (whether they were aware or not). This is the rule not the exception. The dog is superior for its’ intended purpose but has less DNA information than the dogs used to bring about the new breed. Once the information is lost it can’t be added back. The most important thing to understand is the only evolution observed in our entire human history is micro evolution and changes within species ALWAYS involve less, not more, DNA. Why is that so important?

Macro evolution or Darwinian evolution involves changes from species to species. For example a popular Darwinian progression is fish, to reptiles, to birds. We still have fish. We still have reptiles and we still have birds. Why don’t we see macro evolution at work today? Ever heard the term missing link? That term implies that the connector from ape to man has yet to be found. While that is true, it’s also misleading. Why? Because there are no connecting links. Darwin assumed the fossil record would be rich in evidence of Darwinian evolution. It isn’t. Even evolutionary proponents such as paleontologist Stephen J. Gould acknowledge this. There has never been an observation or lab experiment proving animals can somehow add DNA information (the amount necessary for species transfer is ENORMOUS) because they can’t. The most highly motivated, intensely trained, well funded professionals can not do in strictly controlled lab atmospheres what they claim happened by chance in nature.

If you studied biology into high school you are likely familiar with Haekel’s embryos. Ernst Haekel, in around 1920 showed a number of species in different embryonic stages. They were very, very similar. Until about 1995 this was in most high school and many college text books. It is still in many to this day. So what?…… They’re fake. Look it up.. There is no dispute at all. Actually there is a dispute but not about the phony embryos. Many scientists applauded the effective visual aid demonstrating evolution.  He was publicly censured around 1930. But, who cares if it helps the indoctrination. Scientists have used pigs teeth, various ape bones and a number of other bogus findings and trumpeted them as a missing link discovery. Some were “discovered” by over zealous scientists wishing to make the big find. Many such “finds” have proved to be outright frauds. Nebraska man and Piltdown man are two of the more famous frauds. But when they went public the scientific community went bonkers. They so eagerly search, and so want to find anything that straw grasps are celebrated like major oil strikes.

Darwin knew his theory had holes. He assumed, as science progressed, these many holes would close. They haven’t. In fact most swiss cheese factories have less holes than Darwinian theory. I am obviously biased in my observation. But remember, I began as a firm believer in Darwinism. There are plenty of tools available on line if you wish to research the subject. Fair debates give both sides the chance to state their cases. You may have to go back a few years because these debates are becoming more rare. Euginia Scott, a director for The National Academy of Science and staunch evolutionist warned the membership to avoid debates with creationists: “Even though we’re right and they’re wrong they always seem to win”. Watch any debate with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer. If you want a brilliant but technical explanation of cells and DNA, read his book: “Signature in the cell”. If you want to see what is happening in academia check out Ben Stein’s documentary: “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed” it is poignant and at the same time hilarious. To be fair I’ll also tell you the most popular book trumpeted by Darwinist: “The God delusion” by Richard Dawkins. Dawkins is a biologist from Cambridge U and he is probably the most famous atheist apologist. He also authored one of my all time favorite quotes: “Biology is the study of complicated organisms that appear to have been designed but weren’t”.  Read it again, isn’t that wonderful.

I’m not familiar enough with Darwin’s tree of life to go into that. All you have to do is google it if you want to learn more about it. If you are looking at a pro Darwinian site note this. When explaining changes they will constantly tell you what must have happened. Notice they never explain how. Know what to look for to avoid being deceived. A bottom up theory starts from the beginning and works up. Top down theories say, here we are, and this is how we got here so this must be why. It’s very nice when your data need not be proven because the conclusion is all the proof needed. Do you know the term Abiogenesis? Unless you have a very new dictionary you won’t find it. It’s new. It means the study of life from non life. That’s the bottom that Darwin can’t explain. But Darwinism must be true. The result. Trillions in federal funding for science to pursue this wild goose chase. Even when they’re wrong they can be financially successful. It’s not hard to understand. They are merely protecting their golden egg laying wild goose. Attack the goose and you better be prepared for battle.



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