A MIRACLE IN DENVER: Hadlee’s Healing

By Megan Kack

On Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, eighteen-month-old Hadlee was admitted to the Cardiac ICU at Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. She was in severe heart failure. Doctors placed her on ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, a form of life support) just 24 hours after her admission. She suffered a stroke (a blood clot that moves to the brain) while on life support, which affected the left side of her body.

I, Megan Kack, shared this with the Sharing the Way body, and requested prayers for Hadlee and her family. Jerry Olson felt very strongly in his spirt that he and I needed to go to Children’s Hospital and anoint Hadlee and pray over her for healing. Due to COVID-19, the hospital was not allowing visitors other than Hadlee’s parents. Jerry was led by the Spirit of the Lord to the Book of Acts verses 19:11-12: “Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the disease left them.” Jerry understood that we needed to anoint a cloth and pray over it so the family could place it on the child. Nicki and Jarod, Hadlee’s parents, were open to this and on April 4th, right in front of the hospital, the cloth was prayed over and anointed. Hadlee’s parents then took the cloth in and laid it on her.

On April 7th, Hadlee was taken to the operating room for open heart surgery to have a Berlin Heart (left ventricular assistive device, aka LVAD) implanted. The surgeon was able to re-attach her coronary artery, but had to inform the family that it looked as though there was too much damage to the left ventricle for the attached artery to make any difference. On April 21st, Hadlee was officially placed on the heart transplant waiting list. The Berlin Heart’s function was to assist her while she waited for a new heart. During this time, Nicki and Jarod asked the transplant doctors repeatedly, “Does she really need this transplant?” Sadly, the answer was yes. Though she remained stable on the LVAD she still experienced arrhythmias, consistent with her ventricle not pumping effectively.

Throughout this journey, Hadlee had multiple Echocardiograms (ultrasound of the heart). On Friday, May 22nd, her ECHO looked very good, so good in fact, that the following week, physicians started weaning her off the Berlin Heart. Beginning Tuesday, and each day through Friday, they weaned down Hadlee’s LVAD. The results of this weaning process were incredible. After this, Hadlee was sent to the Cath lab for a 2-hour procedure in order to check pressures in her heart and to view detailed images. This procedure showed narrowing of the left coronary artery. After reviewing the images, the team of physicians told Hadlee’s parents they wanted to repeat the procedure for more clarity. The results of the last procedure were astounding! Hadlee’s heart was now normal size and functioning exactly as it should!

Below is a testimony from Hadlee’s Grandma:

“I’m not sure where to begin, but here goes. When Nicki’s Daddy was killed in a car accident in 1981, she was only 4 weeks old. I was so angry with God that I lost my faith and, in my mind, I also lost my need for Him. On April 1st, 2020, when Hadlee was admitted to Children’s Hospital in heart failure, I was knocked off my feet. I was hurt and overcome with grief and anger. Why Hadlee? Why Nicki and Jarod? Nicki struggled to have Bodie (her first child), but Hadlee came along unexpectedly but so easily. She was a miracle from the start… But there she was, in that hospital bed fighting for her life. That very night, I FELL to my knees and began to beg for forgiveness. I begged for Him to let me accept Him back as my Savior; I begged Him to spare this precious innocent baby girl. I begged all my family, friends, and friends of friends to pray for her and to have God show us He is the Mighty Healer!  HE DID IT! Hadlee’s coronary artery is working! We were told more than once, that her heart was so damaged, nothing could save her except a transplant. But this tiny little girl defied all the odds. Her own heart is working! The Doctors are in shock! They can’t believe it. We are all in shock! They will write Hadlee’s story in books. This will be known! She will be scheduled for surgery within the next week to remove, yes REMOVE, the Berlin Heart! After recovery she will go home WITH HER OWN HEART! A MIRACLE… yes, a miracle. Continue to pray please. You ALL have been a part of this amazing story and miracle! THANK YOU, JESUS.THANK YOU!”

On June 5th, Hadlee underwent another open-heart surgery, this one to remove the Berlin Heart! Hadlee was placed on a bypass machine and her little heart was stopped so the surgeon could remove the device and close the opening in her aorta and ventricle. The Doctor was also able to verify that the left coronary artery was open! The team of physicians told Hadlee’s parents there is roughly only 20 kids worldwide that have been successfully taken off the Berlin device and none, not one, with her diagnosis!

On June 16th, Hadlee was discharged from the hospital. She is doing phenomenally well with her own heart! The Doctors are still in shock that this precious little girl’s heart was healed. God performed this miracle! Praise Your holy name, Lord!!


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