(Note from the moderator:  This is a prophetic word that was recently given to one of our younger sisters in the Lord.  She felt that the Lord was wanting her to now publish it. It is a word of encouragement and exhortation to believers, as well as a sober warning to all.)

Hold Strong!

By: Grace Gleason

You are the One who is the Light of this world that is coming; though the world is getting darker Your light and Words are getting stronger.

Each day though as the world becomes weaker, WE, as followers of Christ, become stronger in Him. As the Body grows stronger in Christ, the weaker the darkness becomes.

Many are closing the doors of their hearts, but You are opening them up to those who seek You and want to be in Your light. But those who knowingly reject You of their free will are turning their backs on the Lord their God. Many who turn away will not be able to return to Him; but those who call on His name during this time will be received and heard. For now is the time to come to Him! BUT He will not save them all; for there are many among you who are not willing to follow Him until the end.  

Many of those who have fear of the world will be tested to see how far they are willing to go for their faith to the Lord.  Many will reject and renounce Christ; but those who hold strong in the Lord shall have a place where many dream to be — next to the Lord in the place where no evil will be able to ruin them. For we have been made new and have been raised up to be in His army so that we may be light-bringers to those who wished to be saved but are not sure how to find the Lord and do not wish to suffer of the flesh anymore. For those who are faithful to Him, He will give us an armor to not have the darkness touch us, and instead we will be clothed with the righteousness of the Lord our God.

Many will return to the Lord who have been lost to the darkness!


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