Note from the moderator: I too have had very similar dreams like this one described below.  Instead of seeing tsunamis though, I saw tornadoes coming in one set of dreams, and flash floods coming in another.  In both cases, the dreams were given to me twice.  This is in accordance with what Scripture says:  “Pharaoh had a dream… He slept and dreamed a second time… Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, ‘The dreams of Pharaoh are one; God has shown Pharaoh what He is about to do… And the dream was repeated to Pharaoh twice because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.” (Gen. 41:1-32)

WE CAN SURF THESE WAVES! (Dream – The Two Tsunamis)
By Trenton Adams

On Sunday night, March 16th, 2008, I had a dream. First off, it seemed to me that I was viewing through someone else’s eyes through the entire dream.

In the dream I was driving down a freeway in some city. Some other people and I were going to either get a bite to eat, or go for coffee, or something like that. We got off the freeway, and got out of the car. I looked back down the freeway, from the direction we had come, and there was water rushing down the freeway towards us. So, I jumped back into the car, and started driving down the freeway as fast as possible. It seemed like everyone was scared. Eventually, the water caught up to me, and that part of the dream ended.

Suddenly I was somewhere else completely, on a beach somewhere. Some people were watching some big waves come in. They were talking about how the Tsunami would not affect them because they were protected by a land mass off the coast. It seemed like maybe they were in an inlet of some sort perhaps. I saw top view for a moment, even to the details of what the land mass off the cost looked like.

I was a bit confused how they could be so confident that they would be unaffected by the coming Tsunami. Just then, a very large wave (maybe 20′ high) approached at a very high rate of speed, and no one was able to escape. As it was coming, I formulated a plan to duck under the wave, and swim to the top.  So, I did just that, and I was surfing the wave, without a fear in the world. In fact, I was actually enjoying myself. It seemed odd that I was having fun, which first made me wonder if it really was a dream from the Lord.

After the one wave was finished, a second wave was approaching very quickly. But this time, it was about 300′ high. I had the same plan as before. It was a little more difficult, but again, I was able to get to the top, and surf the wave. I found that the wave was swallowing all of the big office buildings, and almost reached the very top of them, but not quite. Then, as I was floating on the top of the water, it began to subside, and go back out to sea.

I asked the Lord what it could mean, but I did not initially get an answer. As I was telling some friends about it, I said “It’s really odd, because usually the Lord gives me the interpretation to my dreams“. Just then, an interpretation formed in my mind.

The interpretation goes like this: I am unsure about the interpretation of the first part of the dream.
The second part of the dream was a similar situation. Many people were in denial about the coming economic collapse, and were thinking they would escape being touched by it. I was confused at how they could just look the other way, as if nothing was going to happen. Suddenly, the first wave came, and I had a plan before it got there, and I was not afraid, but had peace.  In fact, I was enjoying it because I had the peace of God, and did not trust in material things.

Then the second larger wave came, and once again, I had a plan, and was not afraid. The wave reached the top of the big businesses, and almost destroyed many of them. There was very little left.
Furthermore, the second HUGE wave will subside, but I believe our economies (Canada and the US) will never be the same.

For those who are in the rest of God, this time will just be another stepping stone to the coming Kingdom of God. I also believe that this dream is showing that there are going to be two significant events in the economic collapse. The second one will be HUGE, and the first will just be a pre-cursor to the big one.

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