How wonderful the Lord is! What a Perfect Parent!
By: Sue Bosh

When we, as His children, struggle and strain with day-to-day problems and strife within ourselves, He says, “Trust Me.” He tells us to not worry, fret or try to figure out all the answers on our own, because He has our back. He knows the situation and is taking care of it in His way- in His time frame- and it will be perfectly done. We are to just walk with Him and trust.

Any parent knows that when a child is learning to walk, the child will falter, toddle and sometimes fall.  Just as the Lord knows that we must learn from Him about our walk, so are we, His children, learning how to walk with Him.

A good loving parent does not need to be harsh to a child to correct his walk. A gentle touch on his shoulder, a tender hand on the back to direct, and a positive show of pleasure or small reward for a job well done is all that is required to correct most children.

This is what the Lord has been doing in my life. It seems the more I trust Him, the more He shows me, in small personal ways, that He is indeed with me; guiding me, seeing everything, and letting His Will for my own good be known to me.

I am in awe.

Sue Bosh


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