By: Rose Gleason
This is a word that Rose received from the Lord on September 22, 2013

What have I called My people to do? What have I called My people to do?  Get in Me!

We are getting more into ourselves; selfishness is abounding amongst My people.   Children hate their parents; husbands don’t love their wives.  Your hearts have become hardened; wake up before it’s too late.  Love should be evident in all of you.  You act as if you are all on your own road.  Come together and get on the road that I have called you to.  There is one!! Come follow Me; don’t be amongst the lost and act as they do.  You are called for a purpose! Time is short! You can choose the world or you can choose Me, but you can’t have both!!

I will show you how to live your lives.  Seek Me and you will find Me.  Remember you only have today! The time is coming where the blind shall see and the deaf will hear; the lame will walk.  YOU ARE NOT READY! The world will be in utter chaos; but My people will have peace and everything to sustain them in that day.  Some of you will walk away from your calling because you are weak.  Examine yourselves; pray that the Spirit of the one true God will lead you into all truth. Be on your knees fast.  The answers are in the Book.  Test everything; not everything that appears true is true.  The Spirit will show you.  My word is eternal! People will hate you because of Me; I tell you, stand firm to the end!!  Do what is right unto Me!

Love one another as I love you.  Don’t be fools.  I have given you gifts; but you tuck them away and don’t use what I have given.

You have become sheep among wolves. Get out and follow Me to the end where there will be eternal life.  You will know the ones I have called from the fruits they bear.  Nothing in this life will fulfill you.  It may for a short time and then you will be on to the next thing. I’m telling you I am the only way – the only way you can be filled. Serve Me – your heavenly Father – and the desires of your hearts will be given.

AGAIN, STAND FIRM TO THE END!!  This world is the devil’s; he knows his time is short.  He is trying to lead those astray and is corrupting what used to be good.  Don’t worry, his time is short.  Stand firm; again I say, stand firm!

It is time to close the doors that are useless; and to enter the door and drink the water that gives life.  There are many false prophets among you; test everything by the word of God! More and more will come and say, “I am sent by God”. Test the spirit; again I say, test the spirit.  Truth will win.


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